Among Pietro Benedetti Teixeira Webber's main publications are:





  • Third-party document production in Brazil. Going beyond the four corners of the arbitral proceeding. Young Arbitration Review, ano 9, vol. 39, 2020, p. 11-14.​

  • As claimants lacked a protected investment and could not import consent to arbitration via MFN, UNCITRAL tribunal dismisses case against Mauritius on jurisdictional grounds. Investment Treaty News, vol. 10, n. 5, p. 28-30, 2019

  • Brazilian Arbitration Committee discusses the participation of women and young practitioners in arbitration, 2 May 2019 in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Arbitral Women Newsletter, n. 34, jul. 2019, p. 11 (coauthored with Giovana Benetti e Ana Carolina Weber).

  • Claims against Albania dismissed by ICSID tribunal as the Anglo-Adriatic Group did not have a protected investment. Investment Treaty News, vol. 10(2), p. 32-33, 2019.

  • Cypriot investor awarded EUR 18 million for expropriation and violation of national treatment and FET. Investment Treaty News, v. 9(3), p. 24-26, 2018.

  • UNCITRAL tribunal declines jurisdiction as France-Mauritius BIT does not apply to dual national investor. Investment Treaty News, v. 9(2), p. 24-26, 2018.

  • Entrevista com Flávia Bittar Neves e Vera Fradera. NEVES, Flávia Bittar; MAIA NETO, Francisco; MUNIZ, Joaquim de Paiva; RANZOLIN, Ricardo (Orgs.). Memórias do desenvolvimento da arbitragem no Brasil. Brasília: OAB, 2018, p. 101-129 (coauthored with Ricardo Ranzolin).

  • As Relações Econômicas Brasil-África. In: MOROSINI, Fabio; BADIN, Michelle Ratton Sanchez (Orgs.). A nova diplomacia econômica das relações Brasil-Angola: desvendando os seus instrumentos jurídicos, políticos e econômicos. Brasília: IDP, 2017 (coauthored with Julio Cesar Veiga Bezerra, Frederico Weingartner e Maiara Patrício Coral).